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Stanley Design Group was retained by the City of Rapid City to assist in the development of a Central Control system for the City’s irrigation systems.  The Rapid City central irrigation control project was a beginning effort by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Public Works Department to better manage and reduce the amount of potable water utilized for irrigation.  A new computer was purchased and placed in the Parks Maintenance office with the TORO Sentinel central control software installed on it.  Two weather stations, located at the city administration building and on the Parks Department maintenance office were installed to supply weather data to the central control computer.  Five parks (Memorial, Roosevelt, Founders, Sioux, and Canyon Lake Park) and 1 cemetery (Mt. View) had all the irrigation controllers removed and replaced with TORO sentinel controllers that are able to be controlled and operated by a central control computer. 

For work on this project, Stanley Design Group and the City of Rapid City were awarded the Rapid City Sustainability Award.

Park Location Aerial
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